J’ai deux amours – Les carnets d'Aurélia
My fashion diary

J’ai deux amours

Denim dress

Oh look, I’m wearing a denim dress!
By Asos, as usual.

My wardrobe is top-full with Asos apparel. My Asos crave started in 2009, and is not close to being over yet. Asos and Asos White especially, are among my favorite brands alongside Marni, Alexander McQueen and Acne Studios; my fashion holy trinity.

Quality, edgy style, chic minimalism and timelessness are characteristics that define well Asos and its sub brands (Asos Africa, Asos Vintage, Asos White, Asos Collection) and that I got to love over the years.
Given that, I was able to easily give free to my passion for knitted sweaters, distress denim, princess-like dresses and every little bit apparel that was in denim.

ASOS on one side, Asos Marketplace on the other side.
As a keen observer (this is ironic of course), it’s only recently that I discovered the other site: Asos Marketplace.
Lame girl, I know…
For those who just like me are huge fans of the 90s, this website is paradise.
Vintage and second-hand clothing little piece of heaven, at a reasonnable price.
Based on the Etsy model, the platform helps you connect with several boutiques.

My favorite one? House of Jam.
Their strength? A selection of the best pieces of the decade of grunge: high waist jeans, oversized denim jackets, sportswear tees, bomber jackets, stylish crop tops, shearling coats…
Big love.
That way, I have one more good reason to browse the Asos website and do more shopping online.


My look:

Denim dress: Asos (size 36)
Shoes: Steve Madden (same here)
Necklace: Orelia
Hoop earrings: H&M
Lipstick: Sephora (shade Mandarin Muse)

Photos: Yasmine Bennis

Denim dress Asos
Denim dress Asos
Denim dress Asos
Denim dress Asos
Denim dress Asos
Denim dress Asos
Denim dress Asos
Denim dress Asos
Denim dress Asos
Denim dress Asos

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