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My fashion diary

My fashion diary

Like it’s 1995 again

2015, the 70s are back. This includes, a profusion of items in suede and fringe, an excess of brown-coloured apparel and plethora of flare pants. Along with flower printed maxi dresses, glitter lurex jumpsuits, blouses with chiffon necks, very…

My fashion diary

Valentino, Valentina

As a fashion addict, I cannot help but feel uncomfortable with websites such as SheInside or Jessica Buurmann. The reason? They are full of designers’ dupes. Zara I love you, don’t get me wrong, but at this game, you…

My fashion diary

J’ai deux amours

Oh look, I’m wearing a denim dress! By Asos, as usual. My wardrobe is top-full with Asos apparel. My Asos crave started in 2009, and is not close to being over yet. Asos and Asos White especially, are among…

Inspiration of the moment My fashion diary

Happily Fit

Body confidence. A tough subject. As far as I can remember, my lower body part as always been a major issue. Why were my hips this curvy unlike my friends and what I saw in magazines? Why being told…

My fashion diary


One month after my site went under maintenance: I’m back! I am thrilled to finally be able to present you guys the new blog design! Sleeker than the previous one, with wider pictures. This break, productive in the end,…