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Pura Vida: welcome to Costa Rica where green is gold

Pura Vida

«Pura Vida».
wo words I often heard during my trip to Costa Rica. A sentence full of promises and wisdom, through which Costa Ricans often say bye. Pure life, in English.

And take their words for granted. On a daily basis, inhabitants from this small country squeezed between Nicaragua and Panama on one hand, and the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific on the other, work towards sustainable development and having a clearer way of life.
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Health & fitness notebook

Survival of the fittest

*Ding Dong* “Hiya! Howdy? Let me introduce myself, Mr Workout, also known as Imgettingatit. I’m one of your 2016 resolutions, remember?” After having uttered that sentence all through 2015 (we’re just gonna pretend for 10 seconds that nothing has…


Bucket list -travels

Here we are: 2016! First of all I wanted to wish you all a happy New Year full of success and adventures. I hope that whatever your plans for NYE may have been, you had a really good time.…

My fashion diary

Like it’s 1995 again

2015, the 70s are back. This includes, a profusion of items in suede and fringe, an excess of brown-coloured apparel and plethora of flare pants. Along with flower printed maxi dresses, glitter lurex jumpsuits, blouses with chiffon necks, very…

My fashion diary

Valentino, Valentina

As a fashion addict, I cannot help but feel uncomfortable with websites such as SheInside or Jessica Buurmann. The reason? They are full of designers’ dupes. Zara I love you, don’t get me wrong, but at this game, you…